Size Selection

It may be a good choice to make a size comparison with the products we have produced before, but there are different fabrics and flexibility structures for each product, so it is best to check the size charts on the product pages.

In this section, you can find the details to pay attention to when making measurements.


The first measurement to consider in size charts for cycling jerseys is the measurement of chest circumference .

  • When measuring, breathe in and measure to find the maximum measurement.
  • Compare the result with the table and determine the appropriate size range for you.
  • Waist size should be measured from belly level. Check the waist measurement range of the size you selected when measuring the chest circumference.
  • If there is a 2 size difference between your waist measurement and your chest measurement in the size chart, choose the middle size.

    If there is 1 size difference between the range in the table, then the situation you like to use the jersey will be valid. If you prefer to use it comfortably, choose the larger one. Choose the size that is within the range of your chest measurement to ensure a perfect fit for your body.

Bottom Wear

The first measurement to consider in the size charts for cycling tights is the hip circumference .

  • When taking measurements, be sure to take the correct measurements on your underwear.
  • Hip measurement is the widest area of ​​your hips. It is the determining measure.
  • Strap size is the measurement of the area from your waist bone to your shoulder blade. Since the straps in all the cycling tights we produce have high elastic materials, the straps will continue to have their functional features for you even if your measurement is longer than the values ​​in the table.
  • Inner leg measurement;
    This measurement varies between short tights, 3/4 tights and long tights. It is a verification measurement for the size you have chosen in the hip measurement. It aims to show the position your chosen size will be on your leg when you wear the tights.
    -Measurement method: Measure between the legs as much as the value in the inner leg area of ​​the size you selected in the table.
  • Leg band size is a measurement of an elastic area that is interpreted differently for unworn items and differently after the item is worn.
    The elastic leg band is the most important part that is expected to keep the tights stable on you while using the product.


  • When choosing the size of socks, you can take into consideration the measurements of the shoes you use daily. It has polyamide and polyester content, so it has a lot of flexibility.
  • The measurement you will see when checking the size charts of the gloves is the measurement starting from your palm and its full circumference.
  • On arm and leg warmers, length values ​​are written according to the body, as well as wrist circumference, bicep/upper leg circumference measurements.
  • T-shirt measurements are the same as the cycling top size charts.