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Road Racer Bib Shorts

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Manta Pad Features

Product Features

Fast Drying

Comfort and performance are high end, forget all the cycling shorts you've used before and start riding with Road Racer!
Reduced seams were used in the creation of Road Racer cycling shorts, every factor that would limit you during movement was eliminated in this product, vertical seams on the side legs are structured in the least possible way.
The non-slip silicone in the leg section is seamlessly integrated directly on the shorts, the silicone strips are used wider to increase grip on the legs.
X design bibs are soft and flexible, you won't feel them while riding.
The Sora badge on the right leg with a special sewing process completes the minimalist design of the shorts. 

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Beden Tavsiyeleri
Bisiklet sporcuları yaz mevsiminde 2-3 kg kaybetme eğilimindedir;
Mayıs ayında S beden giyemeyen bir sporcu sonbaharda S beden ürün kullanabilir.
Mümkün olan en iyi seçimi yapmak için bunu göz önünde bulundurun.
Ölçülerinizi kontrol ederken iç çamaşırınız üzerinden ölçü almaya dikkat ediniz.

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 Bisiklet Taytlarında; iadesi sağlık ve hijyen açısından uygun olmadığı için iade ve değişim kapsamı dışındadır. Kaynak : Mesafeli Sözleşmeler Yönetmeliği / Cayma hakkının istisnaları/Resmi Gazete/15. Madde/ç)

Road Racer Special Series
Enhanced comfort and performance
Integrated seamless silicone bands
X design elastic hangers
Custom made sora badge

1st*Fabric: 80%Polyamid-20%Elastane
2rd*Fabric: 85%Polyester-15%Elastane
Manta Chamois
X Design Hanger
Integrated silicone strip


Wash with the same colors at maximum 30°C.
Do not use fabric softener.
Do Not Dry.
Hang to dry in the shade.
Do Not Iron.
Do not dry clean.

The innovative and unique shape of Manta is exclusive to Teosport. Taking inspiration from one of the most classic half-moon chamois and after years of testing we were able to create this historic model without a central seam and we also added the HT90 shape. Manta offers the best ergonomic performance and the best comfort to give cyclists a competitive edge.
The one-piece structure of the base is thermally shaped, with an stretchy and multidirectional curvature. It follows the pelvis and legs, to ensure perfect fit and stability of the saddle. Soft wings protect the inner leg from friction and allow greater freedom of movement throughout the pedal stroke. This structure eliminates seams and creates a soft central area. Seamless construction reduces skin irritation, redness or discomfort.

It has OEKO-TEX / BLUE SIGN / ECOVADIS Certificates.
Produced using special Italian materials.

Road Racer shorts are a high-tech textile product, and were developed considering all the movement conditions on the bike during the research and development stages. 

While providing maximum comfort, minimum seams are used on the shorts to increase performance, while providing maximum fit to your body, your comfort will be at the high end level.

X design hangers are thin and highly flexible, aiming to keep the shorts where they should be, you won't feel them thanks to their thin and soft structure.

The silicone anti-slip strips on the hems are expanded and integrated into the main fabric, no extra seams.
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Use and Care Recommendations
We do not recommend wearing any layer over or inside the Cycling Shorts.

During use, you should avoid prolonged contact with products containing frame bags and similar abrasive surfaces that may come into contact with your cycling shorts.

In order to ensure the longest life of cycling shorts, we recommend that you wash them after each use or do not use the same product without washing on consecutive days.

We recommend washing the product before and after each use.