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ProTeam | Road Racer

Black Pro Team Zone Cycling Jersey (Size): XS
Mustard Road Racer Strappy Cycling Tights (Size): XS


Wash with the same colors at maximum 30°C.
Do not use softener.
Do Not Dry
Hang to dry in the shade.
Do Not Iron.
Do not dry clean.

Products included in the bundle

You can review the features of the ROAD PERFORMANCE PELOTON pad used in the Mustard Road Racer Cycling Tights below.

Intended for ultracycling and extra-long distance rides, PELOTON MEN HYBRID has a design that is developed for male anatomy. The central channel was studied according to anthropometric parameters, so to improve blood flow and reduce pressure and numbness.

The anatomical construction provides great fit and saddle stability, with the Air-Mapping system on the top that improves air permeability and circulation. Protection, instead, is studied for road cycling with minimalist yet protective foam paddings, and the Hybrid Cell System (HCS) insert in the perineal area covers the exact area where bones rotate.

PELOTON MEN HYBRID features a mixed-fiber fabric made of sustainable polyamide and polyester , which guarantees a smooth surface, cooling functions and quick dry.



Black and Mustard

Road Racer was created to provide maximum comfort with minimum stitching and to aim for the longest possible ride all day.

With mold improvements, seams have been reduced and geometrically designed to fully adapt to your body structure.

The X form straps are thin and very light, you won't feel them when holding the tights in their proper position.

There is a radio pocket at the junction of the hangers, you can carry your small and important items in this section.

Imported Dynaboost high-performance Bogota® fabric is flexible and light, it will take shape according to your movements while driving and will help you increase your performance while providing maximum comfort.

An anti-slip silicone surface integrated into the fabric is positioned at the leg ends, these strips are located seamlessly on the tights. While providing integrity in appearance, the tights will always stay where they should be.

In the Road Racer model, the ROAD PERFORMANCE PELOTON pad, the highest level produced by the Elastic Interface brand for the road cycling discipline, is used.

With EIT Road Performance Peloton, you will ride with maximum comfort all day long without feeling the presence of the pad.

Mustard Road Racer


  • Dynaboost Bogota® Fabric
  • Elastic Interface ROAD PERFORMANCE PELOTON pad
  • High elastic structure and muscle support
  • Integrated seamless anti-slip tapes
  • Flexible and thin X design hangers
  • Radio pocket inside


  • Main Fabric: 81% Polyamide / 29% Elastane
  • Strap Fabric: 80% Polyester / 20% Elastane

Black Pro Team Zone


  • The Pro Team Zone cycling jersey has been redesigned with original black fabrics and has high performance and lightness.
  • The smooth and soft front fabric will fit your body as well as being comfortable.
  • The back and arm sections are made of mesh fabrics with air permeability.
  • There are special material prints on the shoulders and pockets.


  • Main Fabric: 82% Polyester / 18% Elastane
  • Mesh Fabric: 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane