Jet Black Ultimate Winter Jersey

BARCODE | EAN-13 : Jet|Black

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jetblack ultimate kışlık bisiklet forması
The Ultimate Winter Cycling Jersey, which was created by planning the use of the first layer, is suitable to be used as a single product in not very cold weather conditions.

It stands out with its multi-functional details.

Thanks to Jet Black printing technology, the detail prints on your jersey will change color according to the angle of the light.

Jet Black Ultimate is comfortable and professional with its original black color and raising structure.

In addition to its 3 different back pockets, its hidden vertical pocket will provide you with a locked space.

The see-through mesh fabric used in the middle pocket offers an expandable loading threshold.

There is an elastic reflector under the middle pocket to increase visibility.

Thanks to its multi-piece structure, the tension on the cycling jersey is professionally distributed to the fabrics.

When used in combination with the Sora Winter Baselayer, it will allow riding at lower temperature levels.

Product features

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Terms of Use

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Size Chart Specific to This Product

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Size Recommendations
Note: Since most of the fabrics of this product have less elasticity than our other products, we recommend you to take a look at the size chart. If you plan to use extra inner layers with the product, we recommend that you buy one size larger than you normally use.

Cyclists tend to lose 2-3 kg in the summer;
An athlete who cannot wear an S size in May can use an S size product in the fall.
Consider this to make the best possible choice.
When checking your measurements, be careful to measure on your underwear.

Return and Exchange Conditions of the Product

 In forms; tested indoors, unused, the label is not torn and/or destroyed, the box is not torn, irritated or crumpled, cargo labels etc. on and/or packaging. Unglued products can be returned.


Renk değiştiren baskılar, normalde koyu renk olan bu baskı teknolojisi doğru açıdan gelen ışık altında farklı renklerde görünmektedir.


Ultimate Features

The reflective strip placed in the lower part of the middle pocket will make you visible at night and in low light driving conditions with light reflections.