Bromo Road Racer Jersey

1,100.00 TL
Mağaza Bul

Product features

Fast Drying

Road Racer stands out with its professional versatile details,
Sewing lines have been developed according to aerodynamic rides, the structure of the arms is designed to provide the best fit for your body, and mesh aliseo fabric is used.
It is light and ultra-fit, moves with you and provides the best air permeability.
The Road Racer cycling jersey is the lightest available in the collection.
The back pockets have an extended seam area to create extra depth and prevent your items from pulling the jersey down, while the top of the pockets have an extra lock to prevent your items from coming out freely while riding.
Using light and aesthetic Italian fabrics, each jersey is handcrafted with attention to fine details.

Size Chart Specific to This Product

Road Racer Bisiklet Forması Beden Tablosu
Beden Tavsiyeleri
Bisiklet sporcuları yaz mevsiminde 2-3 kg kaybetme eğilimindedir;
Mayıs ayında S beden giyemeyen bir sporcu sonbaharda S beden ürün kullanabilir.
Mümkün olan en iyi seçimi yapmak için bunu göz önünde bulundurun.
Ölçülerinizi kontrol ederken iç çamaşırınız üzerinden ölçü almaya dikkat ediniz.

Return and Exchange Conditions of the Product

 In forms; tested indoors, unused, the label is not torn and/or destroyed, the box is not torn, irritated or crumpled, cargo labels etc. on and/or packaging. Unglued products can be returned.